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AI: a one-day wonder or an everlasting challenge

Debates between humans and computers start with mechanical turk. That’s an historical autonomous chess player costructed in 18th century. However, that’s a fake one. The mechanism allows to hide a chess player inside the machine. Thus, the turk operates while hiding master playing chess. (Yes, just like Athony Deniels and Kenny Baker hid inside of 3PO and R2D2 in Star Wars). So, there is no intelligence for this ancient example. Still, this fake machine shows expectations of 18th century people for an intelligent system to involve in daily life.

IBM Deep Blue is first chess playing computer won against a world champion. Garry Kasparov were defeated by Deep Blue in 1997. Interestingly, development of Deep Blue has began in 1985 at Carnegie Mellon University (remember this university). In other words, with 12 years study comes success.

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Image is everything

You might remember the advertisements of Sprite in 90’s. The brand has a motto; image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst!. Actually, reality is much more complex. First impressions are one the most important things in many fields in daily life. Logo designs affect your first impression for brands and applications. So, image would be everything!

For instance, the following illustration is revealed when the logos of the top 200 iOS applications are analyzed and plotted on the color wheel. Black, white and gray colors are ignored in this study. Moreover, a logo could appear several times on the wheel if it contains more than one colors. Finally, the size of the logo represents the color percentage.

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