Image is everything

You might remember the advertisements of Sprite in 90’s. The brand has a motto; image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst!. Actually, reality is much more complex. First impressions are one the most important things in many fields in daily life. Logo designs affect your first impression for brands and applications. So, image would be everything!

The most successful application logos

For instance, the illustration is revealed when the logos of the top 200 iOS applications are analyzed and plotted on the color wheel. Black, white and gray colors are ignored in this study. Moreover, a logo could appear several times on the wheel if it contains more than one colors. Finally, the size of the logo represents the color percentage.

Streaming applications such as Youtube and Netflix are mostly located at red zone whereas social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook are seen at blue zone. Furthermore, location based applications such as Trip Advisor and Google Maps are situated in green zone.

The reason of choosing green might be related to recall nature for location based applications. Still, blue ones are more doninant than the others. Just like in the poem: blue is far beyond the colors, it is an endless sky and a hopeful sea (Cemal Sureya, Turkish poet). As an exception, Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind. That is the reason why blue dominant on Facebook logo.

Furthermore, logos are tend to be formed in simpler apperance in recent years as seen in the following illustrations. Initial forms are too complex to design whereas microsoft paint is enough to design final forms.

Safari Logo, Before and After
Mastercard logo, Before and After

Similarly, application designs appear simpler form. For example, iOS calculator lost deepness and 3rd dimension effect in times.

Change of iOS Calculater Design

So, what would you think about that logo designs of all successful applications resemble. Could it be a coincidence or required discipline to be successful?

By considering these instructions, I’ve designed the logo of my company’s Predictive Analytics product as illustrated below.


Bonus: I strongly recommend to watch Silicon Valley series 1st season, 5th episode about logo design.

Final Form of Pied Piper Logo

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