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Exchanging Encrypted Mails

2016 released Snowden is a biographical movie fictionalised life story of Former NSA employee Edward Snowden. The movie reveals illegal surveillance techniques of the government organization. Also, harversting email and search history data is revealed by Snowden, too. This paranoia might convince Zuckerberg. He covered his webcam and mic with tape.

Beyond the paranoia, doubt often forces more rigorous scientific analysis and leads discoveries. In other words, thoroughly conscious ignorance. So, we can protect mails even if they are harvested by third parties. In this post, we will mention an implementation of exchanging encrypted mails.

We will build an exchanging encrypted mail implementation, and run it via gmail infrastructure. In order to work on gmail, you need to allow less secure applications to access your gmail account. You should skip this step if you work on an alternative mail server. Also, we would develop this implementation by referencing Java Mail API.

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Key Exchange: From Carrying Handcuffed Briefcases To Modern Cryptosystems

You should be familiar to handcuffed briefcases in spy movies. Most probably, shared secret key is in the briefcase and the agent transfers the secret key between parties in old fashioned way. Either courier’s hand is cut or he is kidnapped to steal the briefcase. So, handcuffs could not guarantee the security of the briefcase and key.


Scarlett Johansson with handcuffed briefcase in Lucy (2014)

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