Art for AI’s Sake

Vanity is definetely human beings’ favorite sin. People would believe that they do lots of things good, as well as no life form can do those things better than them. However, they consider most talented ones instead of themselves. For instance, I might be an untalented carpenter but I assume that humanity is good at carpentry. At this point, art is accepted to be the highest level of outpuring of human intelligence and sense of aesthetics. That’s why, we used the term state-of-the-art to define the highest level. But, we still show the same vanity and assume that art is monopolised by human beings. Supportively, you might be familiar with the following quote from I, Robot movie.

Officer: Can a robot write symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?

Robot: Can you?

Actually, AI would do lots of art things better than most of us!

You should listen the following classical music audio. This music is composed by Emmy. Actually, she is the melodising bot developed by programmer David Cope. How you guess the writer of a poem if it is belong to your favorite poem, even if you read it first time. You don’t have to be a classical music expert, it is easily understood that Emmy produces Vivaldi style orchestra. Additionaly, that’s not the only example. Break Free singed by Taryn Southern is also composed by AI, too. And yes, it seems that a robot can write a symphony.

What’s more, robots can lead an orchestra, nowadays. Yumi raised its baton to conduct an orchestra in Italy. Conducting an orchestra is really hard task for most of people.

Moreover, the following portrait is not a loss artwork of Rembrandt. AI analyzed hundreds of Rembrandt paintings and the following portrait is produced. Thus, even art experts cannot be realized the difference between Rembrandt’s own paintings. BTW, It passed the Turing test.

The Next Rembrandt
Previous Rembrandt paintings (real ones)

Last studies show that AI produces lots of art things better than us. So, art for art’s or people’s sake phrases might be replaced by the phrase art for AI’s sake in near future. Maybe, art would be the highest level of outpuring of artificial intelligence instead of human intelligence.

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