Hello, TensorFlow!

I read a book one day and my whole life was changed. That’s the opening sentence of Orhan Pamuk‘s The New Life. This sentence can be adapted into my life with small modifications.

Previously, I’ve attended Prof. Andrew‘s Machine Learning course on Coursera. I have been met with MOOC through that course. It has taken almost 5 months and I can only focus on the course after working hours. But, I was motivated and feeling ambitious. Finally, I accomplished. That course was a touchstone in my career path. After then, my title which was Software Developer has changed as Data Scientist. BTW, I think a Data Scientist who has a software developer background would get the upper hand on someone else. To sum up, I attend a course one day and my whole life was changed. As a matter of fact, this inspiration triggers me to create a course.


I proudly announce that I’ve been starting to capture my first online course TensorFlow 101: Introduction to TensorFlow.

Actually, I have been planning to create an online course material for a long time. That’s why; I am so excited right now. On the other hand, accomplishing a long term course is not easy task, I know.

The course content is accessible at Udemy. Moreover, I will share source codes while capturing the course on my GitHub profile. Also, I will capture and add new videos for the course. Until now, the course consists of tens of lectures and includes almost 2 hours material.

So, why I mentioned on TensorFlow? Today, TensorFlow defeated other deep learning frameworks when examining GitHub commits.

GitHub Commits for Deep Learning Frameworks (SVDC)

I hope the course content to be beneficial and contribute your machine learnig adventure.

Thanks a lot in advance for your interest.

PS: You can enroll the course with a discounted price via this link.

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