After The Venice Trip

I’ve visited Venice at the end of the 2016 January to attend an event. I would like to share the post to inform ones who plan to visit Venice.

That’s my first visit of Venice. Previously, I’ve recalled the Venice in bank robbery scene of The Italian Job.

Donald Sutherland in San Marco Square, The Italian Job (2003)

Before Going

There are different private companies offer transportation service in Venice. They even have different bus stations. I’ve bought transportation ticket online. I prefer to buy unlimited 3 day ticket including airport transfer and I paid 52 EUR. This ticket is valid for ACTV vehicles (bus, tramcar and waterbus).

Turkish Airlines have direct flights from Istanbul to Venice Marco Polo Airport. That’s why I flight with them.

Venice consist of two different parts; main island and Mestre. Main island is accepted as city center. Naturally, accommodation charges are cheaper in Mestre. Surprisingly, most of native people reside in Mestre and go to main island with public transportation. Public transportations are too often. I would not suggest you to rent a car. You could not already drive a car in the main island.

The event is located in a hotel at the Mestre. I reserve the hotel room  at the same hotel on

Arriving to Venice

You should transform the online ticket to real one first. There is a transportation company help desk in the airport. Transformation service is free of charge. Then, bus station is located out of the airport. Shuttle service (Bus line 15, aerobus) exists between airport and main island. My hotel is on the way. Bus ride lasts 10 minutes.

The hotel is located between airport and main island. Transportation station is 5 minute walk away from the Hotel and arriving to the main island lasts less than 10 minutes. I always take tramcar to arrive main island and turn back to the Mestre.

James Bond, Casino Royale (2006)

Where to go

Piazzale Roma is the enterance of the main island and it is the final point a vehicle could arrive. Then, you could either walk or take the waterbus. Walking across to the main island lasts a hour. The ticket I’ve bought is valid for waterbuses too. However, I strongly recommend walk through the Venice and get lost on streets at least once. Furthermore, I cannot find a supermarket in Mestre, you should shop for daily needs in Piazzale Roma.

Piazza San Marco is the square of the Venice.

Panaroma of San Marco Square

St. Mark’s Basilica, San Marco Square

What to eat

Traditional Venice dessert is ice cream. However, Cannoli could be found easily eventhough it is not a traditional Venice dessert. Originally, cannoli is a sicilian dessert. I’ve found out the dessert first in the Godfather movie. The movie quoted the statement indicating “leave the gun, take the cannoli”. I could not find the dessert in Istanbul. That’s why, I’ve eaten the dessert for all meals.

Sicilian Cannoli

What to buy

Luckly, I’ve been there at the traditional festival period. There are masked men and women everywhere. I’ve bought a hand-made Venice women mask to illustrate in my living room. Price of the mask shows change depending on the mask quality. You should sacrifice to pay off 100 EUR for qualitier ones. Moreover, you should buy a regional murano glass. These glasses are produced on Murano Island and they are all hand maded. I’ve bought a Venice gondolier  as a memory.

Venice Woman Mask

To sum up, you will figure out the useless of hard copy maps and navigation of your mobile phone in Venice. They would misguide you. I strongly advice to walk across the island and enjoy to get lost in narrow streets. Finally, do not forget to eat cannoli.

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  1. If you are longing for cannoli in Istanbul then you may try Trattoria Enzo. Ofcourse they will not taste as good as the ones you had but will relieve the craving 🙂

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