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Lemonade and Boiled Egg

I often cite the spectacular text named as Lemonade and Boiled Egg, written by Cetin Altan, in my daily life. The text guides the view of my life. In summary, lemonade could appeal to your taste buds. Making lemonade is actually easy. It just requires eloboration. I try to translate the text. I hope you to enjoy.


Lemonade and Boiled Egg

A man who doesn’t drink lemonade in his life could suppose that lemonade is an expensive drink. Actually, it is a cheap drink. Firstly, a tablespoon of granulated sugar should be spilled into a glass of water. Then, water and sugar should be stirred for a while. After then, juice of a half lemon that squeezed and filtered by tea strainer should be added. Finally, the liquid should be stirred again.

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