Lemonade and Boiled Egg

I often cite the spectacular text named as Lemonade and Boiled Egg, written by Cetin Altan, in my daily life. The text guides the view of my life. In summary, lemonade could appeal to your taste buds. Making lemonade is actually easy. It just requires eloboration. I try to translate the text. I hope you to enjoy.


Lemonade and Boiled Egg

A man who doesn’t drink lemonade in his life could suppose that lemonade is an expensive drink. Actually, it is a cheap drink. Firstly, a tablespoon of granulated sugar should be spilled into a glass of water. Then, water and sugar should be stirred for a while. After then, juice of a half lemon that squeezed and filtered by tea strainer should be added. Finally, the liquid should be stirred again.

If the glass is gorgeous and tall, you should squeeze a lemon instead of a half lemon and adding two tablespoon of sugar.

Should a glass of lemonade be cold enough to make your teeth hurt? No, but the glass should be fogged up.

Moreover, should ice tray be put into the glass? No, a coffee spoon of ice which is broken to pieces could be added into the glass as you wish.

Should you put a lemon wedge or put a lemon slice into the glass? Putting a lemon wedge seems more decorative. If you want to smell lemon keener, you could put the lemon slice into the glass.

Are these steps enough to make great lemonade? No, they are not!

Lemon zest and fresh mint should be infused in the lemonade and then be filtered.

Is this kind of lemonade ultra/super richness concern? No, it is not! It is just the concern of getting pleasure out of life.

Is this important? Yes, it is. Because, it shows you not to miss opportunity to live even in the modest conditions.

Walking for an hour in the morning and then taking shower are important things, too.

Also, an egg would be scrambled with a little bit salt, pepper and butter. Then, it would be spilled in the egg-shaped and egg-sized steel cup. Boiling the egg for 2 minutes is important, too.

Thus, you could boil the most delicious egg you’ve ever eaten.

Where can you find an egg-shaped and egg-sized steel cup?

Nowhere. Why? Because, producing the cup is the mechanism of popular demand.

You cannot find that kind of cup if you don’t have a deep pleasure of tasting delicious boiled egg. That is not ultra/super richness problem, that is the concern of getting pleasure out of life.

Delicious lemonade and unforgettable taste of boiled egg… Also walking for an hour and taking bath…

Could you do all of these stuff? No. Why?

Because these stuff could not been done by a single person. Firstly, you cannot find a lemon in the house when you wish to make a lemonade. Secondly, you would not wish to drink lemonade anymore when you go outside to buy a lemon. Suppose that you are patient, you bought lemons and came back to home. Blunt knife could not cut lemons. Moreover, you might forget to put cold water in refrigerator. Or, your neighbour might borrow your squeezer. Besides, there might be no mint. Tea strainer could not be washed. Gorgeous and tall glass was broken yesterday. There would be mineral water instead of lemonade. Innovations would make you sad.

You cannot drink a lemonade in fogged up glass and put a lemon wedge. You could drink a mineral water instead of lemonade.

You could never eat a boiled egg in the steel cup.

Besides, morning walks are not common habit. You might walk, or might not.

Size of the japanese ping-pong table is quarter of the common ping-pong table. You cannot absolutely play a japanese ping-pong. Because, rackets might be broken or ping-pong table would be transformed into the ironing table.

Getting pleasure out of life is a culture. Just like love of flower, music or swimming.

You might have life pleasure, or you might not.

If this kind of love is not strong enough, then people could neither make an effort for creative life nor heathful love.

They feel suffocated, fasten the blame on others. They would not plan what to do. They waste the lovely life and disappear.

The love of life is transferred by the energy and life pleasure for generations. If the energy does not exist, then there would be craftiness. Finally, craftiness is the enemy of love of life and getting pleasure out of life.

Cetin Altan (1927 – 2015)

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